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Vision-Risk LLC

Who we are

Vision-Risk LLC is a growth-as-a-service company that finds new ways for small and mid-size companies to solve problems and grow.

Our Mission

Our mission

Help leaders get their year-end bonus, and reduce stress, so they can spend more time doing the things they are passionate about in life. 

Our Origin Story


Management Consulting is changing

Similar to the transition to cloud computing, we believe the era of high cost, on-site, difficult to implement, management consulting is coming to an end.  Even some large businesses are not able to afford the costs of such engagements.  

Not to mention the days wasted hosting on-site consultant visitors, or finding rooms for them to use as temporary offices.  This archaic type of engagement model can take the fun out of solving the problems the consultants are there to help with.

If management consulting firms continue to find success with that model, more power to them.

We believe, with knowledge being democratized and information becoming more and more accessible to anyone, the role of management consultants simply has to be more accessible for small and mid-sized businesses. 

We are built from the ground-up to be 100% remote, driving costs down, reducing time required to make the project successful and keeping your plate as free as possible for getting successful outcomes.

We want execs to feel that rush of excitement and accomplishment when they solve hard problems and grow as a result.  We want your experience with us to be easy, casual, not based on our suit choice, or the time we demand for on-site meetings.  We want the entire experience to be rewarding, and best of all, not cost a lot.

Due to the low amount of money and time we require to help, the gains you receive almost instantly return to your top and bottom line, leaving the ROI calculation unnecessary.  That is why we are structured the way we are, to make the benefits, not the cost of our services, the center of attention.

Here is the question that started it all for us:

What if leaders could find new ways to solve problems and grow with the same convenience and ease of online shopping today?  

That is the thought and cornerstone to how we are structured, and why we help the way we do.

Time to get your year-end bonus and reduce stress.

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