Day to day challenges of running a business get in the way of realizing growth and bog down execs.

Results In

Losing a key customer, stock out, customer doesn’t pay, needing to scrap a build, regulatory fine, cancelled order, inventory write-off, large customer return, missed on-time delivery, losing money on headcount hired.

Negative Impacts


Profits down, sales down, inventory up, customers down, risk up, productivity down, warranty claims up.


Stress, frustration, losing the creative spark, up at night worrying.

These negative impacts contribute to stalled company growth goals, even business failure.

Vision-Risk = 6 Industries + Solving Problems + Growth

We work alongside leadership teams

Whether it is a manufacturing problem, or culture problem, getting in the way of growth and negatively impacting your business metrics, the solution is easier when you have the resources to solve it, such as:

  • Increased money
  • Reduced risk
  • Increased control
  • Time

These additional resources empower you to problem solve, achieve your 5-year goals, get that new location, or expand into a new market.

Finding and hiring a leader, or management consulting firm, with industry specific growth skills can cost a company six figures.  The majority of companies can't afford the cost, or risk, of such a large expense, but they still need new growth strategies just the same.

We want all companies to have access to the skills needed for problem solving and growth.  That is why we provide growth-as-a-service, for 6 industries, to help companies generate money, reduce risk, increase control, and save time.

These new ways to generate resources will also create new perspectives of your business, your vendors, and your customers, highlighting what differentiates you from your competition. 

Positive Impacts


Improved Revenue, improved customer base, reduced COGS, increased forecast accuracy, and increased executive time.


Better work/life balance, excitement for your leadership role, actual good sleep, time for your family again.

By helping you achieve company goals, we help you get your year-end bonus and reduce stress.

Generate Resources

Increase Control & Save Time

Increase Control & Save Time

Increase control by increasing industry insights.


Save time by removing executive distractions.

Reduce Risk

Reduce Risk

Reduce risk by reducing vendor costs.

Make Money

Make Money

Make money by winning more deals.

Vision-Risk = Resources generated to enable growth + Stress reduced for execs

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